We noticed a group calling themselves “Overweight Haters Ltd” are handing out nasty cards on the London Underground. We found out thanks to Sean:

“What a mean thing to do” we thought (understatement). They obviously intend to knock people’s self esteem, and to try and make them feel shame for who they are. Life can be full of joyful experiences. Self esteem is important, and we should try to build each other up, not knock each other down. So we thought we’d try to do something nice & reach out to the girl in the tweet:

And then we thought: well – why don’t we go out there & try to build some self-esteem, and spread some positive cards instead? No mention of gender, no mention of size, none of our branding, just 100% positivity. So we did:

And here was the result:

(stunning nail colour: model’s own)

We went round & handed them out to people to spread some positivity instead of spreading hate. We’ve got plenty left, so watch out for us:

Hopefully we made a few people feel good, rather than making people feel bad.

…and then we realised that this website address was free, so we thought we’d register it and share the card here :)

Join us if you like and share some positivity. Here are the files to print your own cards (don’t worry, none of our branding, just 100% good vibes):

cardfront  cardback

Go out & spread some joy. Make someone’s day. Life really is too short. Go out & be positive.

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